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Ladies look at our ending results for being patient! Well lite sky of God's glory! Peace,Love,and paradise. See yourself in God's eyes blessed!

The drive that started this site!

I'm the mother of two beautiful children. I have a twelve year old girl and nine year old son. I'm thirty two years old and a wife of ten and a half years. Has it been easy no, but i've managed over the years to some how with the help of "GOD" to make it. I've wondered for years why am i going through what i am. I realize that what i went through can help someone else. I don't mind sharing my struggles if it's going to help someone.

I've come across so many women with the same problems that i've had and still having from day to day. I asked God what was my purpose and the more i asked the more women came across my path. I excepted my purpose and now i'm moving forward with it. I know with the help of  all my ladies it can happen! I know that God will bless us all for what we are going to do to help one another!


Help build yourself and others in christ. We as parents have to set the pathway for our child/ren. I want all women to know that We won't ever be free of bondage until we set ourselves free!

Words of Encouragement

God don't prepare blessings,our blessings are already packaged! God is waiting for us to pick up our express package. It was placed in a certain place waiting for you! See into your destiny by seeking Gods face!

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Lakesha Burgess Sumpter

(803) 665-6037

1270 Polo village apt 722

Columbia SC 29223

Valued Women of Power

To God be the glory! It's a blessing to still be here and to be able to enjoy the life that God has prepared for us. Rejoices and be glad in it. Express yourself through christ who is not the author of confusion! Where there is confusion God is not in the mist!


Ladies soon i will be posting different events that will be going on, so please check the calendar for updates. The events are as such, going to women shelters, feeding homeless, get togethers etc....... I ask that you check the calendar once again! Thank you and may God bless!

Motto the rest of your life!

2011 Is a time to believe!


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